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Makeup For Redheads, Shampoo For Red Hair, Makeup For Pale Skin,  Redhead Shampoo, UK

By Redheads, for Redheads and people who love Redheads!

Jess and Jen Redheads

We’re a community and ecommerce site set up by two redheads fed up with not being catered for and wanting to celebrate everything that is great about being a redhead. We are a mother and daughter team, pretty sure there are people out there wanting the same products that we can’t find such as makeup for redheads, makeup for pale skin & redhead shampoo and feeling the same frustrations we are. So here we are…join us and let us know what you love about being a redhead (since birth of by choice), what frustrates you and what things you would like to be able to find. We might be able to find a supplier or the community can provide advice, offered by people who are experiencing the same frustrations that you are!


The idea started, as many great ideas do, in the shower. We had both previously used a great shampoo for red hair which was a colour depositing shampoo that highlighted our naturally red hair, but had since been discontinued. Although we had tried other options, none were anywhere near as good as the original and we were both left frustrated. So we set out in search of a solution, and on the way realised how many other things we struggle to find, because we are such a minority even in the ‘Ginger Nation’ – Britain. During our research of redheads, we also found a wealth of topics on our fair race through history, in literature, pop culture and fables. We have always been regarded as unusual and the beliefs and perception of us has ranged from the mildly laughable to the downright ridiculous and, well, ‘Gingist’. The hope is that together we can find and share stories on redheads, break myths, revel in everything that is great about being a redhead and we hope you will share your opinion too.Jen and Jess